Aimeliik Adopt-A-Classroom Project... improving learning environment

By: Eoghan Olkeriil Ngirudelsang

Starting an initiative, the first of its kind, Aimeliik Elementary School has come up with the unique project named “Adopt a Classroom Project”. The project aims to transform the classrooms into state-of-the-art learning spaces that are both conducive to learning and enticing to students. So far the first-grade classroom’s remodeling is complete and the project continues.

Through the project, 1st grade to 3rd-grade classroom walls will be divided per each core subject. There will be an English section with a mini library and reading corner, a Math corner with numbers, and even a science section with relevant science designs that will promote visual learning in students.  Since 1st grade to 4th grade has homeroom teachers that teach all core subjects, their classroom walls will be divided into each subject.

Unlike 1st to 3rd grade, 4th to 8th graders rotate classrooms and teachers where when a time comes to change a subject for the day, students move to another classroom taught by a different teacher. As such, 4th grade will be transformed into a Palauan center. It will be painted with Palau’s stories of the cycle of life, Palauan cultural displays, even a portrait of Palauan men and women traditionally dressed and surrounded by traditional tools that display paraphernalia that is traditionally associated with each respective gender.

The 5th will be converted into an English center, 6th grade as Math center, 7th for science and 8th grade will be made into a social studies center with their walls covered with displays and drawings that are of that particular subject.

The idea began in March last year and Aimeliik elementary school has since conducted 2 major fundraisers. They also were able to receive numerous donations from community members and even have a GoFundMe page up and running, all of which have earned them $5,479 dollars toward the project.

The family of late Aimeliik legislator Nino Eriich also offered to adopt the 2nd-grade classroom where they will pay for all expenses for its transformation. The school will in turn build a plaque in that classroom wall to commemorate their contributions.

Aimeliik Elementary School aims to raise $10,000 dollars in total as each classroom averages a cost of around $1,200. They plan to continue with their fundraising while the whole project is intended to conclude this coming December. “I’m am very happy for this project for the adopt a classroom project committee is made up of teachers, parents and community members so it really is the result of everybody’s effort” stated a parent.

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