photo from civic action team facebook page

Aimeliik now has a new playground at their elementary school after Rotary Club of Palau and CAT team 84-06 recently turned over Palau’s newest school playground to Principal Jeremiah Tem. In addition to all the school children who were eager to claim the playground for their own use, a number of Ministry of Education officials Minister Sinton Soalablai and Raymond Mechol. Aimeliik dignitaries included Governor Browny Simer and PTA Chairman Paul Reklai along with many supportive parents.

This obstacle playground is part of the on-going joint effort by the Rotary Club of Palau who purchases the materials and the CAT teams in Palau who build/install them.   Playgrounds can already be found at Maris Stella ES, Airai ES, Melekeok ES, Ngaraard ES and now Aimeliik ES. (Similar playgrounds have also been built in Ngarchelong ES and Peleliu ES without Rotary’s assistance.) Rotary together with the new CAT team 36-04 will soon begin working on the Ngaremlengui ES playground as part of our on-going program to ensure that obstacle playgrounds are installed in all the elementary schools in Palau.