On February 21, 2020, the states of Airai and Ngchesar signed an agreement determining the boundary of two-state public lands according to Monumentation and Survey conducted through BLS Registration Calendars Nos. 01-N-19 and P-03-19. The agreement determines the boundary beginning at “Obechad” near the eastern Compact Road and leads north-west and west to Ked ra Beng ending at Oremuul.

The Agreement was signed by Airai Governor (ASPLA Chairman), Mr. TmewangRengulbai; ASPLA Vice-Chairman, Mr. Ngiraked Robert Ngirablekuu; Ngchesar Governor Mr. Florencio Adelbai; Ngirakebou Andres Madraisau; and Umiich Jeffrey Antol, Chairman, NSPLA.

The signing took place at the Palasia Hotel Palau.

Out of the 16 States, nearly six have settled their boundaries while the remaining 10 are either going through litigation or still have overlapping boundaries that have not been addressed.  The growing utilization and management of land and sea resources is pushing many of the States to clarify boundaries.