The 12th Aimeliik State Legislature has submitted Resolution 12-18 requesting Palau National Election Commission to conduct a special election on a constitutional referendum.

Aimeliik State Constitution Article XII Section 1 (a) allows for Aimeliik State Legislature to call for a special election to determine if Aimeliik voters want to hold a Constitutional Convention to amend the State Constitution.

Furthermore, if the legislature issues the call, a special election will be held to answer the question, “Do you wish that there be held a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of amending or rectifying the Aimeliik State Constitution?”  If more than 50% of the votes cast at the referendum are affirmative votes, then a Constitutional referendum will be held within 30 days.

“We have submitted a bill to Governor Simer on the Constitutional referendum which, if passed, will require the voters to elect representatives to the Constitutional Convention representing hamlets and at-large,” stated Speaker Lucio Obakerbau of the 12th Aimeliik Legislature.

Aimeliik State Constitution was first adopted in 1982 and was amended once in 1987.

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