On Friday, July 22nd, Airai State hosted one of the biggest and most spectacular Palau Night Markets with their best performers, culture and tasty cuisine. Held at the Ernguul Central Park, Airai State’s special guests included Ngatpang and Sonsorol States.


On a specially designed stage that included a traditional war canoe (kabekel), amazing performances included live band entertainment from Lisa, Sasa, Irung, and Wilbur. Airai Governor Tmewang Rengulbai welcomed the audience and explained the special relationship between Airai State and Ngatpang and Sonsorol States. Performing the Esols ra Odanges el Mora Oreor (chant) was Aleriah “Ina” Iyechad and a Rebetii (a chant with solo dance) was made by Denisha Ocheraol Benajamin. Young ladies of Airai also performed the traditional Delal a Ngloik. These three performances were made to show appreciation to Koror State from Airai State.

With smiles and bright costumes, dance performances continued, including the Sonsorol Men’s dance, which received the biggest applause, the Oikull Hamlet (Ngarakelaingel) Matematong, who had the brightest smiles, and the young ladies’ Matematong. When the Rengarakomud young boys performed the Ruk, they nearly brought the roof down. This was followed by a demonstration of paddling on the traditional war canoe (kabekel) with the guidance of their mentors, Sidney Rengulbai, Marcelino Augustine and Takeo Ngirmekur.

The Ebiil Society, Inc. also had fisheries demonstrations and games at their booth to provide education about the size limits of fish as part of their Fisheries Forum program. The Omekesang Organization and Palau Parents Empowered were also present to fundraise for persons with disabilities and their families.

In addition to the regular night market vendors, Airai, Sonsorol and Ngatpang sold great local food and handicrafts. In total, there were 40 vendors (19 regular vendors and 21 vendors from Airai, Ngatpang, and Sonsorol) that sold a combined $11,153.52 to a record number of patrons which included more than 2,600 locals and 200 visitors. The Night Markets were designed to provide small business owners with the opportunity to display and sell their products. Tourists also have the opportunity to mix and mingle with Palauan locals and watch traditional and contemporary performances by Palauans and other ethnic groups in Palau. For more information about the Night Market schedules, or if you would like to participate as a vendor, please contact PVA at 488-1930/2793 or Email pva@pristineparadisepalau.com. [/restrict]