The Northern Reef Technical team met with the chiefs of Kayangel on Thursday July 21, 2016 to give them an overview of the newly adopted Kayangel Fisheries Rules and Regulations and to update them on upcoming awareness activities that will be conducted in the state.


The new rules and regulations include permitting system, new zones for subsistence fishing, commercial fishing, as well as other management controls such as size control on certain highly targeted fish species.

The chiefs of Kayangel said “Conservation has always been practiced throughout the years, however things have changed as modern technology and a shift from subsistence to commercial fishing has led to declining fish stocks, we greatly support the work that Northern Reef Fisheries Management Project is doing.”

The chiefs also agreed that the community should be aware of the new rules and regulations and its implications on their daily life therefore they sanctioned the team to conduct community outreach meetings in Kayangel. [/restrict]