Alabama is one of the United States state. It is the 30th in rank when compared to other states in land area. Alabama has the 2nd number in United States for the inland waterways. While this state is 23rd most populated state of United States. Alabama  is surrounded  by Tennessee in the north, Georgia in the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico in the south, and Mississippi in the west.  

[restrict] During the world war II Alabama also faced the economic hardships like other states because it was totally dependent on the agriculture and war hindered agriculture to a great extant. Below are given some facts about Alabama.

  1. First Rocket to Moon-It was the Alabama workers who built the first rocket that ever traveled to moon. So the credit goes to the state of Alabama.
  2. The First Electronic Trolley- The world’s first electronic trolley was introduced in the city of Montgomery in the state of Alabama in 1886.
  3. The Main Natural Resources- The main natural resources found in Alabama in bulk are the iron and its alloy steel. Alabama’s main exports to other states are the cast iron and the iron pipes and other products.
  4. The American State- Alabama became the 22nd American state in 1819 when it was added in the land owned by America.
  5. The State Song- Like other states, Alabama has her own state song called “Alabama”. It can be heard during the state celebrations.
  6. Nick Name -Like all other states are named because of their famous characteristic, Alabama too has a name. it is called Yellowhammer. This state is also known as heart of Dixie.
  7. Alabama Department Of Archives- The Alabama department of archives is the oldest archival agency in the United State and the oldest in the state too.
  8. The Meaning- The meaning of the word Alabama is “tribal town”. This word is not an English word but an Indian word, used by native Indians of America before white people invaded this land.
  9. The Hitler’s Typewriter- Hitler, known as the cruelest man had a type writer which was collected from his mountain retreat and now exhibited in the Hall of History in Bessemer.
  10. Official Insect, Tree And Flower- The official state insect is the monarch butterfly, the official state tree is the pineapple tree and the official state flower is Camilla. [/restrict]