Alaska is one of the states of United States. The beautiful landscape and snowy place is attraction to mainly photographers and people who are interested and geography to know more about this land. Due to its weather conditions which go extreme it is least populated area of United States.

[restrict] It is not a plain area but has mountain ranges. From 2 sides it is covered by arctic and pacific oceans. Among these mountains are some with the capacity of erupting as volcano. Below are given more facts about Alaska.

  1. Largest state by area- Alaska is the largest state of United States by area. It is situated in northwest side of North American continent.
  2. Lakes- Alaska is at a place on earth where weather remains cold all the time and in winters, the only thing could be found is snow. There are as many as three million lakes in Alaska alone or may be more.
  3. Dog Mushing- Since Alaska is covered with snow almost all the year, the traveling is not easy there. Snow dogs are kept and trained to carry the travelers. Dog Mushing is the official game of Alaska and it was adopted by the legislature in 1972. It is now famous worldwide.
  4. Alakshak- Alaska’s name is based on an Eskimo word Alakshak. Alakshak means great land or peninsula. Since Alaska is very big and wide land by area, thought all of it is not resided by humans, the name suits it.
  5. Highest peaks of United States- Alaska has mountain ranges as it is not a plain area. From the total of 20 highest peaks of United States, 17 are situated in Alaska.
  6. First settlement- Alaska was first resided by humans in 1784, first by the Russian whalers and then by the fur traders in Kodiak island. Since its weather and landscape is not very human friendly, it was discovered very late by humans.
  7. Alaska Highway- Alaska has a main road that connects it with the outer world. This road is called Alaska Highway. It was originally built as a road for the military supply in World War 2.
  8. Purchased from Russia- Alaska was not a part of United States originally. It was actually purchased from Russia in 1867 at the rate of 2 cents per acre with a total amount of 7.2 million dollars which now values at 113 million dollars.
  9. Lower 48- Every state is given name according to its characteristics; Alaska is also given another name. The other name of Alaska is lower 48 in America.
  10. Southwest of Alaska- The southwest region of Alaska is popular for its stormy weather, for its large population of marine life and for its tundra landscape. Many documentaries have been filmed to date on Alaskan and its life. [/restrict]