Alii Palau Airlines refuted the reports that it does not have a Foreign Operator Operations Permit (FOP) from Singapore to operate commercial air services despite having announced that it will begin weekly round-trip services between Singapore and Palau this September.

“Our aircraft leasing arrangement is already established with a reputable operator, who has all necessary records, including Foreign Operator Operations Permit issued by Singapore’s regulatory body and Air Operator Certificate (AOC),” stated a press release issued by Alii Palau Airlines.

Alii Palau Airlines, a Palau-based airline corporation with local and foreign directors, announced in May of 2023 that it will be providing twice-a-week direct flight services between Singapore and Palau, targeting high-end customers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas.  It also reported that it had received a license to fly twice a week but was still waiting for the scheduling of slots from Palau and Singapore.

The airline said it had secured A319 aircraft with luxury configurations, 32 business class, and 18 economy seats for high-end customers.

In an interview in May with Island Times, James S.C. Goh, one of the directors of Alii Palau Airlines, expressed confidence in the airline’s business plan for this untapped market.

“It is our firm commitment to drive Alii Palau to triumphant heights while being in full compliance with the regulatory framework,” added the Alii Palau Airlines press release.

Alii Palau Airline management and board of directors include Chairman James Goh, Chief Financial Officer Akanksha Johri, and board members Hayato Sugiyama, Glenn Seid, and Terence Ruluked.  Listed advisors include Airai Governor Norman Ngiratecheboet, and Vlodymyr Bilotkach, aviation economist at Purdue University.

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