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All beverage containers can be redeemed at recycling centers starting August 5, 2019.

Beverage containers can be deposited at the recycling center at 5 cents per container regardless of size.

The amended Palau National Code Chapter 16, Title 11 expanded the definition of “deposit beverages” in accordance to RPPL 10-31 eliminating the thirty-two-ounce (32oz) limitation policy.

All liquid containers that are human consumable excluding medicine containers such as NyQuil (cough syrup) will be redeemed through Redemption Centers, Koror State Recycling Facility and Belau Garbage and Scrap Co.

After redemption of all human consumable liquid containers, they would recycle some beverage containers to extract oil and to generate energy. The rest will be exported to private companies overseas for recycling and be paid in return.

In establishing the expansion of this National Code, the Olbiil Era Kelulau (OEK) finds that these changes will encourage recycling and promotion of environmentalism.

Making this policy effective helps cover the amount of waste plastic containers that did not have a place to go in terms of recycling and conservation.

The previous law only incentivized particular beverage containers. (By Kerdeu Uong)