Ministry of Education (MOE) statistics showed that student enrollment increased in private schools than in public schools from the school year 2017-18 and 2018-19.

Enrollment in public schools dropped by a total of 39 and private schools increased by 42. Although the number of overall enrollment decreased, it was only a slight drop of 3 from last school year’s 3,052 to this school year’s 3,049.

Statistics showed that private school enrollment went from 754 to a 796 increase since last school year. There was an increase of 22 in elementary and 20 in secondary making it 49 in total.  While in public school, elementary decreased by 3 and secondary decreased by 36.

Ministry of Education Research and Evaluation Chief Rechellul, who oversees student management, said that a cause of change in numbers is the transfer of students into and out of schools, whether from private to public or public to private is one factor and students who left abroad to find better opportunities is another.

Most of the student enrollment is seen in the elementary schools exceeding more than 2,000 students with a total 1,731 in public and 434 in private.

Top 5 public elementary schools with the most enrollments are Koror (690), GB Harris (285), Meyuns (167), Airai (127) and Melekeok (104). The rest of the public schools would range from 5 to less than 80. While the only two private schools in Palau has a difference by two, having Maris Stella at 218 students and SDA with 216.

Among the private schools, Mindszenty has the highest enrollment with a total of 134 enrolls in 2018 while Belau Modekngei has the lowest enrollment at only 25 students last year.

There are a total of 362 students enrolled in private schools.

High School and only public high school with a total of 535 having a 100 plus in each grade. (By Kerdeu Uong)