The National Emergency Committee announced on June 19 that all 58 of the repatriated citizens have undergone testing, and all results have come back negative for COVID-19.

A female repatriated citizen from the University of Guam stated that they are all glad and relieved to hear the results.

The repatriated citizens have one more week to go in strict quarantine with last test to be administered on the last day of quarantine.   They will be instructed to self-quarantine at home for another week before the final test is administered.  Altogether the quarantine citizens would have undergone a total of five tests and over 30 days of quarantine counting home self-quarantine before they are completely cleared to join regular public life.

Citizens were quick to react to the announcement over Facebook, many expressing thanks to God for the outcome.

The National Emergency Committee further stressed the dangers of spreading false rumors about the repatriated citizens. The NEC reaffirmed that all repatriated citizens have been strictly limited to the quarantine sites, and that all rumors stating otherwise are false and could constitute defamation.

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