On behalf of the people and government of Hsinchu City, Republic of China (Taiwan) Ambassador Jessica Lee handovered 70,000 medical masks to its sister city Airai State after the inauguration ceremony of the new governor Norman H. Ngiratecheboet and legislators. Ambassador Lee said the donation is based on people’s care and love from Taiwan, and the exchange of the people is the cornerstone for our bilateral relationship. In order to express its gratitude toward Taiwan, the government of Airai state arranged an alumna who studied in Taiwan to give short remarks in fluent Mandarine during the handover ceremony.

Hsinchu and Palau’s Airai State have been sister cities for 11 years. Upon the prevention measures required for COVID-19 in Palau, Hsinchu Mayor Lin Chih-Chien announced to donate 70,000 medical masks to the sister city in February. Due to the limited flights between Taiwan and Palau, and the election in Airai State, the handover ceremony was arranged after the inauguration ceremony of the ninth Constitutional Government.

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