On January 31, 2017, Palau International Coral Reef Center’s researchers, Victor Nestor, Lukes Isechal, and Lincy Marino, presented on ongoing research projects and outreach programs to two ambassadors and their guests. Ambassador Dilmei L. Olkeriil is Palau’s ambassador to the Republic of China–Taiwan and Ambassador Francis M. Matsutaro is Palau’s ambassador to Japan and PICRC’s founding Chief Executive Officer.


Victor and Lukes gave a short presentation on the ongoing projects that the Center is conducting. Along with that, Lincy presented on the Center’s education and outreach programs that are in line with the ongoing research project.

Ambassador Olkeriil was impressed with the work done at the Center and shared a story of her childhood. Her father, who was the very first conservation officer in Palau, showed her the importance of conserving and protecting the environment. She recalls a time when fish was abundant, whereas, today, it is not quite as abundant. Ambassador Olkeriil stressed, “the work at the Center is important and needs to continue, especially the education and outreach programs. It is important to teach children the importance of conservation and protecting our environment.”

Ambassador Matsutaro also had similar sentiments. As the first CEO of PICRC, he has seen PICRC grow over the years. He was in awe that most of the researchers at PICRC were young Palauan scientists, who are well educated and passionate to do such work. He expressed, “PICRC is our pride and joy. It is ours and we are proud of what it is, what we could do.” He congratulated the staff on a job well done and to continue with the work done at the Center.

It is important to always keep our ambassadors updated on these projects, because they represent Palau to ROC (Taiwan) and Japan and can expose the work done at the Center to other organizations and agencies in the respective countries. PICRC would like to thank Ambassador Olkeriil and Ambassador Matsutaro for coming to the Center and allowing the researchers to show them the work done at PICRC. Their continued support for the Center is very much appreciated.   [/restrict]