(Brussels, Belgium) – Palau’s ambassador to the European Union, Her Excellency Jeraldine Tudong is confirmed to make Presentation of Credentials to His Highness King Philippe of Belgium on April 19, 2018.

Meanwhile Ambassador Tudong met and discussed issues of mutual interest with Ambassador & Chief of Protocol  Honorable Madam Francoise Gustin of the Kingdom of Belgium.  Both reiterated commitments of their respective governments to work on areas of tourism, multilateral issues, global warming and climate change.  Belgium sought support of Palau on its campaign for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council for the term of 2019-20.


Ambassador Tudong informed her colleague of Palau’s hosting of the high-level 2020 Our Oceans Conference and conveyed the formal invitation to the appropriate Belgian authorities to attend and/or contribute to the hosting arrangements to further show solidarity and willingness of both countries to advocate for the protection of the Ocean and marine life.

Following the presentation of her credentials to His Majesty King of Belgium, Ambassador Tudong is expected to be presenting her credentials to the Honorable Donald Tusk, President of the European Union to receive the full accreditation as Ambassador of Palau to the European Union.

While awaiting formal accreditation, Ambassador Tudong and Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister-Counselor Kenny Reklai are meeting with colleagues to promote Palau’s interest.

According to press release from Embassy of Palau in Belgium, they met with former Republic of China (Taiwan) Ambassador to Palau Ambassador Tseng who is now representing ROC in Belgium and discussed ways to promote Palau tourism to high-end tourists from Belgium.

Her Excellency Tudong also met with colleagues from Micronesia, Ambassador Gerald Zackios of the Republic of the Marshall Islands to the United States and James Myazoe Deputy Registrar of the Trust Company of the Marshall Islands.

Ambassador Tseng of the Republic of  China hosted dinner for both ambassadors and the members of the delegation from RMI who were attending a meeting in Brussels.

Ambassador Tudong and DCM Reklai, according to the press release, met with long time Honorary Consul-General from the Republic of Palau to King of Belgium Honorable Stefan Claes. Mr. Claes has been promoting Palau in Belgium since 2012 and will be working with Ambassador Tudong to develop relationships in various fields between Palau and Belgium. [/restrict]