A 50-year old man, Mr. Daniel Foley, an American national, living in Ngurang, Ngaraard, was found dead at his residence on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.  The man was reported to have been found by his girlfriend Irene Olkeriil, who called for an ambulance.

Ambulance from police substation in Melekeok was dispatched to Ngaraard upon receiving the call at 3:51pm from the police Central Station in Koror, confirmed Lt. Malsol at the Melekeok Substation.

Police investigates the death of the American national who resided at Ngurang, Ngaraard. All his valuables were inventoried and secured for his next of kin while investigation into the cause of death continues.

The cause of death has not been determined and an active investigation is being conducted.  At the scene yesterday, the investigating officer from the Criminal Investigation Division said there were no signs of forced entry but nothing has been ruled out.

The body of the deceased was removed from the scene by the ambulance and Ms. Olkeriil before the police had a chance to conduct an investigation.  Ms. Olkeriil had secured the residence and the gate and took the keys with her. The police could not get the keys from her so had to obtain master keys from the house owner, Marvin Ngirutang, to conduct their investigation.

The residence where the body was found is treated as a crime scene until the investigation determines otherwise explained the assistant attorney general who was assisting the investigators at the scene.

Mr. Foley is said to be a Palau Digital resident who worked remotely from Palau and had some investments in Palau.

His next of kin has been identified and the United States Embassy in Palau will be contacting them them.

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