The Palau Visitors Authority is pleased to announce that on Friday, September 16th, the United States Embassy in Palau will hold an American Night Market at Ernguul Central Park from 5:00pm-9:00pm . [/restrict]

A fun event for families, the American Night Market as International Night will feature games and activities from the Civic Action Team and a Bluegrass performance by the US-based band, Micros. In addition, there will be live band entertainment and dance performances by the Aloha Dancers and Palau Community College Pohnpei Student Organization. The regular night market vendors will also be selling their various cuisine dishes, clothing, gifts, handicrafts and more.

The Palau Night Markets and International Night Markets provide an opportunity for small entrepreneurs to display and sell their products. The markets also allow for visitors to meet and mingle with local Palauans. Should you want to join the night market, please contact the Palau Visitors Authority at 488-1930/2793. [/restrict]