The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) hosted an exclusive presentation for private sector donors on Wednesday, September 7, 2016. The purpose of the presentation was to give an opportunity for private sector donors to see how their donations contribute to the cutting-edge research and capacity building efforts being undertaken by PICRC, made possible because of their support.


The presentation was opened by PICRC Board Chairman, Mr. Noah Idechong; in his opening remarks, Chairman Idechong thanked the donors for their continuous support over the years. It was then followed by a presentation by PICRC researcher, Ms. Lukes Isechal about a fish market study results that was conducted in Ngarchelong and Koror. There was also a presentation that was made about the Internship Program at the Center and how the program has contributed to building science capacity in Palau’s youth over the years. Donors were able to provide feedback on the issues presented as well as expand on challenges related to increased demand on fisheries as well as insights on possible ways of moving forward.

PICRC wanted to stress the importance of the donor’s role in conservation efforts in Palau. Their financial support enables the Center to continually carry out the work needed to keep in line with its Vision and Mission.  The Center plans to hold additional meetings with donors to inform them about the work that is being done and to showcase the return on their investments for their partnership in support of PICRC’s research and capacity building efforts. As donors to the Center, they play a crucial part in ensuring that resources are available to conduct scientific research and educational activities, which are critical to Palau’s research and conservation efforts.

The Palau International Coral Reef Center would to thank all the important donors that were able to make it to the presentation that included managers and representatives from IP&E Palau Inc., Bank of Guam, Shimbros International Inc., Palau Pacific Resort, Blue Bay Petroleum Inc., Western Caroline Trading Company (WCTC),  and Papago International Resort. [/restrict]