PAGO PAGO, 15 JANUARY 2018 (SAMOA NEWS) — American Samoa Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga says now is the time to vigorously address the issue of the territory’s political status and our political relationship with the United States, “because the federal government is confused on how to handle issues” pertaining to American Samoa, as “we are in a very unique position, different from all the other territories of the United States.”


Lolo’s comments were part of his State of the Territory Address delivered during the opening of the 3rd session of the 35th Legislature last week at the Fale Laumei in Utulei.

“I look to you for support on this issue because you will have to take the lead in determining the type of political status and relationship with the United States the people of American Samoa want fashioned,” Lolo said.

“Last year we made bold steps to assert our authority over our ocean resources and to reclaim our sovereignty, and we challenged and invalidated the decision by NOAA and the Fisheries Council to reduce our 50-mile Large Vessel Protected Area (LVPA) to 12 miles,” Lolo pointed out.

“While the court decision is under appeal, the Hawaii Federal Court recognised the legitimacy of our Deeds of Cessions, said Governor Lolo…PACNEWS [/restrict]