By: L.N. Reklai

October 30, 2016 (Koror) “I am very thankful to many of the elders of Angaur State for surviving through the toughest time in our history and working hard to bring peace and build our community to this day. So today we can work together for a better tomorrow for Angaur and for the Republic of Palau,” stated Ken Uehara, Angaur State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate during the 72nd Liberation Day Anniversary celebration at the Cove Resort in Koror.


Present to grace this special occasion were many elders from Angaur State, State traditional and government leadership, representatives of the national government, representatives of other countries such as Ambassador Amy Hyatt of the United States, Ambassador Michael Tseng of the Republic of China and the members of the U.S. Civic Action team.

Also present were many citizens of Angaur State including ones that have flown home from United States to join in the celebration

Mr. Ken Uehara, who gave the special remarks, recognized the contributions of the elders of Angaur, especially those who lived through the Second World War and worked to build Angaur up again. “A difference to one life, matters,” said Uehara.

The eldest of those present was Mr. Hesus Belibei, 87 year old gentleman who said he was 17 years old when the war came to his island.

Minister Baklai Temengil-Chilton, a Anguarian, gave a message on behalf of the President Tommy Remengesau Jr.  She emphasized the contributions Angaur State had made to the Republic by building peace in their community and among its peoples.  She expressed her appreciation for Angaur people’s continuous effort to helping U.S. and Japan retrieve the remains of their fallen soldiers.

Delegate Mario Gulibert stated that there were many wonderful stories of survival before, during and after the war, between Angaur people and Japanese and Americans that occupied the island.

“We have a collection of wonderful accounts from the elders about those times that now contribute to the rich history of Angaur,” added Delegate Gulibert.

The speeches were followed by dinner, a slide show presentation and a dance presentation by the young people of Angaur State. [/restrict]