Angaur State Government closed down on October 1st when they failed to pass a budget for FY 2024.

The Angaur State Government suspended its operations due to the budget impasse. This closure affects all state operations, including the Governor’s Office and the Legislature, as well as any activities requiring payment or the issuance of payments.

The shutdown is a result of a disagreement between Governor Steven Salii and the Angaur State Legislature over the budget. The Legislature did not accept the budget bill proposed by Governor Salii and instead passed a Continuing Budget Resolution to fund the government for the next three months.

A Continuing Budget Resolution, as described in the source, essentially maintains the existing appropriations at the same levels as the previous fiscal year (with some minor modifications) for a specific period. It is often used to keep the government funded temporarily while budget disputes are resolved.

Governor Salii claims that he submitted a budget in accordance with the Angaur State Constitution. However, the Legislature did not act on his proposal and passed the Continuing Resolution instead. According to Governor Salii, the reasons for their decision were not provided.

Angaur State has been operating on a Continuing Resolution based on the FY 2020 Angaur State Budget Law for three years. The state government has been functioning with appropriations set at the 2020 levels, which raises questions about the treatment of block grant increases provided by the national government.

Governor Salii said he did not veto the Continuing Resolution passed by the Legislature. Instead, he requested that they reconsider it. According to the Angaur State Constitution, if the Governor does not return a vetoed bill with reasons within 10 days, it becomes law as if he signed it.

The situation reflects a breakdown in the communication between the executive and legislative branches of the Angaur State Government. The lack of a proper budget can impact the ability of the state government to provide essential services and carry out its functions effectively. The dispute will need to be resolved to ensure the continued operation of the government and to address the financial concerns raised.

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