By: L.N. Reklai

(Angaur, Palau)  Angaur State Governor Marvin Ngirutang in an email to the contractor in Cebu, Philippines, urged the contractor to pay extra attention and be vigilant with the crew of the Regina IV and make sure to warn them of “ZeroTolerance” policy on drug smuggling.


Concern about the possibility of illegal drugs being smuggled on board Regina IV to Palau, Governor Ngirutang contacted the shipyard company with his concern.

“Everyone knows that Regina IV is scheduled to return to Palau soon and I also know that many of the drug dealers are now over there trying to reach my crew at your yard,” stated Governor Ngirutang in an email to Mr. Cottrell of Colorado Shipyard Company, in charge of repairing Angaur State boat Regina IV in the Philippines.

“Under no circumstances will any Palauan not attached to the Regina IV be able to access the boat,” order Governor Ngirutang.

According to the communication, Governor Ngirutang had also alerted the law enforcement in Palau about the issue. [/restrict]