Council of Ngermasech chiefs Called Ngaraeriud.

Chiefs of Ngermasech hamlet, the Ngaraeriud, passed a resolution opposing any lawsuits or actions taken against the U.S. Military or their subcontractors in the name of Angaur State.

The resolution opposes the proposal by the Angaur State Government through its attorney to sue the US Military and its subcontractors for alleged violation of the Compact of Free Association by the US TACMOR radar system project in Angaur.

“The Ngaraeriud Council of Chiefs of Ngermasech Village of Angaur State do hereby resolve that any lawsuits using the name of Angaur State against the United States Military or their subcontractors may be a detriment to the economic wellbeing of the people of Angaur and any opportunities that can benefit the people of Ngermasech and Angaur State,” stated Resolution No. 2023-002.

Ngaraeriud Council of Chiefs expresses the position that the US military and its activities in Angaur are good for the Angaur economy and the people of Angaur.  “Angaur State is blessed to have prime properties that are attractive for investments and use of the United States Military, which can be offered for development to improve the state’s economy and provide jobs and opportunities to the people of Angaur,” stated the resolution.

Furthermore, the Chiefs of Ngermasech, one of the four hamlets of Angaur and the only one fully inhabited, believe that a good relationship with the US military will create jobs and possibly “upgrade our airport, the circumferential road around the island and other vital infrastructures including water system, medical facilities, communications, and transportation.”

An attorney for Angaur State, Brien Sers Nicholas, wrote a letter on June 18, 2023, to President Surangel Whipps Jr. expressing upset over the national government’s interference in the planned talks between Angaur State and the US government over the damages to Angaur lands and violations of the Compact of Free Association by the work in Angaur to construct the base for the TACMORE project.

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