Angaur State has dismissed the United States Government from the lawsuit it filed in July 2023, alleging violations of environmental laws and the Compact of Free Association over the preparation for construction of the TACMOR project in Angaur.

The dismissal came about after a meeting between Governor Salii of Angaur State, the US Ambassador Joel Ehrendreich to Palau, and US Rear Admiral Gregory Huffman.

Attorney Nicholas for Angaur State said that the meeting was “very good” and that “certain understandings/agreements were reached aimed at the US helping our Governor to better the lives of our people in the long run.”

Attorney Nicholas did not share specifics of the agreements or understandings reached but assured that, as a result, the “future looks promising for our people.”

Meanwhile, the Palau government filed a motion on November 3, 2023, asking the court to sanction Governor Steven Salii in his capacity as Governor of Angaur State and his attorney, Brien Sers Nicholas, for “violation of ROP R. Civ. P. 1(b)(3),” where the Plaintiff’s Complaint alleges facts in direct contradiction to the Exhibits attached to the Complaint.”

The government claims that Angaur State knowingly made statements that contradicted documents or exhibits attached to their complaint. It further asserted that Angaur State’s complaint failed “to allege a cause of action and merely alleges requests for remedies.”

The government motion asks the court to dismiss the Angaur government complaint and order them to pay the Republic of Palau and the Environmental Quality Protection Board attorneys’ fees and the cost of preparing and litigating the case.

The attorney for the Angaur State Government countered ROP’s motion for dismissal, filed a motion for summary judgment, and requested a hearing based on ROP R. CIV. P. 7(c)(10)1.

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