Car accident in Airai that claimed a life on Tuesday.

Another car accident in Airai on Tuesday night claimed a life of a young man and injured another.

A vehicle, a small white flatbed truck with two Palauan males, driving from Airai toward Koror, crashed into the power pole in front of High-Speed car repair shop in Ngerusar, Airai, at around 10 PM.   The occupants of the vehicle were brought to the hospital, where one of the male occupants of the vehicle, identified as Gael Ngiraikelau, died while the other occupant, Jason Roman, underwent medical care.  The accident was a single car accident and did not involve any other vehicle.

This is the second car accident in Airai to claim a life within the last 15 days.  On August 21st, a car accident at Ngetkib, Airai, also took the life of a young man and left another in the hospital.

As of publication, the cause of the accident has not been determined.  According to the Bureau of Public Safety, the incident was still under investigation.

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