Growing number of suicides among young male school aged children is generating a demand for more comprehensive approach and solutions from government institutions.

Bureau of Public Safety Director Ismael Aguon reported yesterday that a group made up of personnel from Bureau of Public Safety, Ministry of Health’s Behavioral Health, NCD & Prevention, and AG’s Office have gotten together to respond to concerns raised by OEK after the death of the 13 year old young boy by suicide earlier this year.

Aguon reported that their tasks include identifying red flags that lead to self-harm and suicide, looking at common causes and developing community level awareness programs, preventions, in order address community needs and to prevent similar incidents from happening.

While developing response to that incident, a similar case occurred this week when 16 year-old boy was found dead due self-harm or suicide.

Ministry of Education through the newly hired Director of Curriculum Ida Rekoi, a licensed counselor from United States and was just recently hired, quickly moved to establish a communication narrative within the school to address the tragedy and prevent possible similar occurrences.

Ms. Rekoi established a simple messaging for the whole of Palau High School from Principal, teachers and counselors to students, to the classmates of the victim, family members and everyone concerning the aftermath of the tragic death.

The simple message is meant to reassure, calm and provide guidance for all affected.

It was reported that the Ministry of Education had a nurse assigned to it and counselors,  there is no clearly established and cohesive referral system that helps to early identify and refer potential cases to proper care and support.

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