By: L.N. Reklai

The 46th General Assembly and the 80th Council Meeting of the Asian-Pacific Parliamentarians’ Union (APPU) is being held this week in Palau, with 10 member countries participating.

This is the second time for Palau to host the APPU General Assembly.  In 2007, Palau hosted 38th General Assembly & the 72rd Council Meeting (10 Member Groups) The theme was Environment and Development and 6 resolutions were adopted then.


Opening the 46th General Assembly, Senator Mark Rudimch was elected President of the 46th General Assembly and Senator Joel Toribiong was elected Chairman of the 80th Council Meeting.

This year’s theme is “Achieving Goodwill and Prosperity Amid Challenges”, and the Parliamentarians from 21 Asia and Pacific countries submitted resolutions to be adopted by members in line with the theme.

Palau’s country report presented with other country reports, states that continued engagement among member countries in the APPU contributes to enhancing the lives of the peoples in the region. “We recognize that in sharing our country specific needs in capacity building, development and others, we benefit from the solutions on varied issues offered by APPU member countries to help us progress with the global community.”

“We are very pleased to welcome APPU members  to Palau because we believe that there are issues affecting us that require regional solutions and your presence here assures us of that,” reiterated Minister Billy Kuartei of the Ministry of State, addressing the APPU members at dinner hosted by the Office of the President.

Asian-Pacific Parliamentarians’ Union was established in 1965 by Asian countries and was known as Asia Parliamentarians Union (APU).  During the 16th Assembly in Taipei, ROC, the name was changed to Asian-Pacific Parliamentarians’ Union to reflect the growing relationship between Asia and Pacific countries. [/restrict]