February 28, 2020 (Sonsorol State) Unofficial results of recently held Sonsorol State government general election, showed Nicholas Aquino ahead of incumbent Laura I. Miles for the gubernatorial seat by a margin of 13 votes (44 to 31) and in third was Valiant Tirso with 29 after the central counts were done.

For the Office of Lt. Governor, the unopposed candidate Lucy Pedro received 50 votes but a write-in Pasqual Theodore received 48 votes just two votes behind Lucy Pedro.

Unofficial results for the legislature At-Large seats showed Quintina Nestor leading by 82 votes, followed by Christina X. Aquino with 78, and lastly Dean A. Terry with 74. Everyone is just four points behind each other.

For the Sonsorol hamlet seat, Lee Mahoraitei and Leo Pedro are tied in the lead with 40 votes followed by John B. Nestor with 38, just two votes behind the leading tie.

In the hamlet of Pulo-Ana with four candidates, Alexander Sumor is in the lead with 18, in the second-place tie is Vanessa Mobel and Laurence Sumor with 11 and fourth is Icely Kurterbis with 12 votes.

For the Merir hamlet seat, Max Petrus was the unopposed candidate with 14 votes.  The same goes for the hamlet of Fanna, Tirisa Torso wins by 16 with no running opponent.

These are unofficial results with absentee votes still to be counted.  Due to narrow margins between many of the candidates, the absentee votes may upset the current standings.

Sonsorol State total registered voters (TRV) is 261. Sonsorol island hamlet has 108 TRV but total votes cast was 61.  Pulo-Ana has a total of 74 registered votes and total votes cast was 30, less than 50% of total registered voters.  Merir has total of 46 TRV and 27 total votes were cast. Fanna has TRV of 33 and 19 were votes cast. Overall, 52% of the total registered voters casted their votes at the 10thSonsorol State General Election. (Kerdeu Uong)