Current Delegate of Ngerchelong Dilmai Saiske announced on March 3rdto more than a 100 people of Ngerchelong that she will be running again for the position of Delegate for this upcoming election season.

A hard-working woman of 66 years of age, Dilmai Saiske has contributed to Palau by being a National Board Member of Palau Red Cross Society, Chairperson of Education and Youth Affairs of 10th OEK, and most notably a Delegate for Ngerchelong State for the 4th year.

She hopes to be re-elected because she still wants to help the community of Ngerchelong.

During her speech she mentioned that she would not be where she is today without the help of God and the people of Ngerchelong. She humbly asked for the people’s good wishes and the opportunity to be chosen again so that she can continue to serve.

Among the 100 people present at Bai Ra Mengellakl, Chief Obak ra Iebukel Lorenzo Ngiramolau made remarks in favor of Saiske saying that “if it’s not broken then don’t fix it”. With him that night was chief Iechad ra Butelbai Mathias Erbai and chief Tet Singich Sato who came to show support towards Dilmai Saiske.

Additionally, the Ngerchelong legislators came to show support for Dilmai Saiske. Those that were present during that time include Vice Speaker Johnny Sambal, Floor Leader Dwight Ngirchemat, Brynn E. Demei, Caleb Tekriu, YoheiMerur, and Abraham Osima.

Saiske believes that in order to be considered being elected Delegate, one must reference the past work that’s been done and the future plans that they intend to implement.

During her time as Delegate, she helped with RPPL 10-34which authorizes the use of funds from Fiscal Year 2019 for several improvement projects in which Ngerchelong State received $200,000. The funds will be used on road improvement projects which includes Head Start Road, Lease Road, and Ngerchelong School Field Improvement Project which awaits implementation from Ngerchelong State Government.

She also helped with 10-36 which is the affordable Housing Development Loan Program which helps those in the Republic of Palau in need of affordable housing.

As an advocate for the youth, Saiske contributed to RPPL 10-49 which assists with funding for courses at Palau Community College for students who don’t qualify for Financial Aid and Scholarship or for those that need to take a course that is required for a job.

If elected she intends to improve the piers at Ngerchelong and KeyuklSeinreng Meeting House at Oketol Dock among many others. (Telbakes Yano)