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An arrest warrant was issued against DHL Heir Larry Imeong Hillbroom for violation of plea agreement condition.

According to court documents, Probation Office filed a status report stating that probationer Junior Larry Imeong Hillbroom had tested positive for drug methamphetamine or β€œice”.

Plea agreement agreed to by the court and the probationer Hillbroom mandates that Hillbroom takes mandatory drug tests three times a week until his inpatient rehabilitation commences.

A positive test result will result in immediate incarceration or imprisonment for Mr. Hillbroom.  Attempt to alter the sample, missed test or failure to produce a sample will be treated as positive test and will also result in immediate incarceration.

Mr. Hillbroom pled No Contest to lesser charge of Conspiracy to Traffic Controlled Substance on June 27th and entered into a plea agreement which resulted in three charges of Trafficking Controlled Substance against him dropped.

The agreement mandated 10-year supervised probation, three times weekly drug tests, 6-month intensive inpatient rehabilitation program and a fine of $50,000 to be deducted from his posted bail.

Failure to take drug test, failure to produce sample, or altering a sample will result in immediate imprisonment for five years.

Probation hearing for Mr. Hillbroom on the notice of violation will take place this July 31st at 1pm.

As of press time, Hillbroom remains at large. (L.N. Reklai)