Twelve first place winners and twelve second place winners from first grade to twelfth grade, along with and the overall winner for the 2019 Arts and Tide Calendar Contest, were awarded during the awarding ceremonies at Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC), Palau High School and Koror Elementary School.

And for the first time, various sponsors of the Arts and Tide Calendar attended the ceremony and awarded the winners of the contest. Over the years, these donors have continually sponsored the annual Arts & Tides Calendar. Present at the awarding ceremony were: Blue Bay Petroleum Inc., IP&E Palau, Inc., Sun’s Flower Shop, Surangel & Sons Company, Surangel’s Construction Company, and NgaraMaiberel Koror State Women’s Group. Without the support from all the donors, the production and presentation of the Arts & Tides Calendar would not be possible.

For this year’s awarding ceremony, PICRC and donors also visited Palau High School – where there were four winners plus the overall winner, and Koror Elementary School – the school with the most entries and four winners. PICRC CEO, Dr. Golbuu, and staff, and donors, presented the winners’ awards at their respective schools.

PICRC would like to congratulate the runner up winners of the calendar art contest: Kyona Adelbai (1st Grade-Meyuns ES), Keelana Bultedaob (2nd Grade-Meyuns ES), Keelan Bultedaob (3rd Grade-Meyuns ES), Alaver Alfonso (4th Grade-Melekeok ES), Delanie Termeteet (5th Grade-George B. Harris ES), Mary Jane Otei (6th Grade-Koror ES), Donecio Jr. Besebes Blaluk (7th Grade-Ngaraard ES), Braelynn Dengelei Sambal (8th Grade-Peleliu ES), Halens Bai Blaluk (9th Grade-Belau Modekngei School), Draigo K. Taima (10th Grade-Palau High School), Jasper Adelbai Jason (11th Grade-Emmaus-Bethania HS), and Dayeon Han (12th Grade-Palau Mission Academy).  All the runner up artwork will be featured on the backside of the calendar and each student received a $50 cash prize along with a Certificate of Recognition.

Furthermore, PICRC extends its congratulations to the first prize winners of the art contest: Rie I. Mekreos (1st Grade-Melekeok ES), Leshay Dimch Kuroda (2nd Grade-George B. Harris ES), Kedengel K. Kenty (3rd Grade-Ibobang ES), Kiralynn R. Ngirchomlei (4th Grade-Koror ES), Robert Emesiochel (5th Grade-Ibobang ES), Kurt K. Burton (6th Grade-Koror ES), Si Wen Shao (7th Grade-Seventh Day Adventist ES), Raj Minor Gibson (8th Grade-Koror ES), Mason Chapman (9th Grade-Palau High School), Yuling Sun (10th Grade-Palau Mission Academy), Geraleah Sakuma (11th Grade-Palau High School), and La-Arnie Lucky (12th Grade-Palau High School) . All first prize artwork will be featured on each month of the year. Each of these students received a $75 cash prize along with a Certificate of Recognition.

Finally, the overall winner of the 2019 Arts & Tides Calendar is Jaymie Victorino, a senior from Palau High School.  Out of 1, 344 artworks that were submitted for the Art and Tide Calendar contests, Jaymie’s artwork was selected to be the over winner.  Her art work will be featured on the front cover of the 2019 Arts & Tides Calendar and Ms. Victorino received a $100 cash prize along with a Certificate of Recognition.

PICRC would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s calendar contest and continually urge more students to participate next year. Though not all artwork will be featured, each of the participants will receive a complimentary calendar soon after its publication and release.