On March 20, 2020, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) postponed, until further notice, the deadline of all artwork to be submitted for the 2021 “Saving Our Oceans from Plastic Pollution” Arts and Tides Calendar.

Originally stipulated to be on March 27th, the Center deferred the aforementioned deadline in light of the suspension of all school activities as part of the preventive measures taken by the Palau Government against COVID-19.

As a project that started since the opening of the Center back in 2001, the Arts and Tides Calendar is a community-based program whose aim is to involve, educate, and raise awareness. “It is a very successful program as it involves students and community alike. Through creative artwork, students become ocean advocates, while helping the Center carry on with its mission in conserving marine ecosystems,” stated PICRC CEO Yimnang Golbuu. “We will continue to communicate with the Ministry of Education to establish a new deadline according to regulations and preventive measures taken by our government.

Schools may continue to collect artwork from students until the soon-to-be-established deadline and submit all drawings by that new date.