photo from office of the president

During the leadership summit on March 19th, President Remengesau signed three bills into law and one of them was a development of a comprehensive national policy on care for the aging.

As the elderly population continues to grow in Palau the implementation of this bill is to ensure that all the needs of the elderly are met.

First, there will be a designated office to oversee the development and implementation of a new national policy on care for the aging. It will take into account the traditional values, environmental, economic, and health needs of the elderly.

The Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs will convene a coordinating committee in order to assist with the development of this policy and facilitate the coordination of many services that are required for the caring of the elderly. The committee will have representatives from different government ministries and offices that are responsible for the care of the elderly as well as the Palau Senior Citizen’s Council.

The coordinating committees will work closely with the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs so that they can identify the challenges faced and the needs of the elderly that are not met.

It will also be the responsibility of the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs to create and recommend a plan to make a Social Service and Care Center for the aging. This center will be similar to that of a one-stop-shop where they provide a variety of services to the elderly such as medical services, housing, and opportunities for interactions amongst fellow residents as well as the community making it easier for elderly citizens that face mobility challenges.

President Remengesau said that he is proud to sign this bill into law so that Palau can start providing care to the elderly.

Finally, according to the bill findings, 9.9% of the Palau population are over the age of 60 and by the year 2050, it will increase to 24.6%. (Telbakes Yano)