By: L.N. Reklai

July 26, 2016 (Koror) Charges of assault in the First Degree, Second Degree, and Endangering in the First Degree were filed against Kobe Marbou and Skyler Ruben on Thursday by the Office of the Attorney General.

Both Kobe Marbou and Skyler Ruben attacked, beat and stabbed London Kemesong, according to witnesses.


Detective Harris Ubedei who was assigned to investigate the incident received statements from witnesses stating that Marbou and Ruben confronted London Kemesong and Jarvis Kintaro when they exited their vehicle and attacked them.

According to witness Lavan Ngiralmau, Ruben punched Kintaro when he exited the car. Kintaro reported that when Ruben came toward the car, he lifted his shirt and showed a knife under his shirt.

Ngiralmau reported that Marbou hit Kemesong on the head and they all chased him. When Kemesong fell to the ground, according to the witness, Marbou, Ruben and another individual punched and kicked him.  They suddenly stopped and Ngiralmau was able to help Kemesong up.  That is when he realized that Kemesong had been stabbed.

Marbou was arrested on July 25th and Ruben was arrested on July 26th. Both remain in custody at this time. [/restrict]