By: L.N. Reklai

July 28, 2016 (Koror)”We suspect some kind of human trafficking activity behind these,” stated Immigration Acting Director Flavin Misech, regarding the increase in number of people from Nepal arriving into Palau on tourist visa.


“About 120 Nepalese that have arrived in Palau in this manner,” said Acting Director Flavin Misech.  “We have been trying to control this at the border because it is becoming burden for Palau. So far about 80% have voluntarily returned home but there are those with debts at home that cannot pay their way back,” added Misech.

“Right now we are dealing with some of them.  There’s no way for them to fly home so we have to find temporary employment for them, until they can afford to leave Palau.”

“Immigration has the responsibility of screening each arriving alien for such issues and making sure that an alien doesn’t become a burden here, “according to Attorney General Bradley.

“Illegal labor recruitment of persons from Nepal has been a problem recently. Recruiters take money from Nepalese, promise jobs in Palau and put them on a plane to get here. Then, arriving without a job, the Nepalese face serious difficulties and eventually become a labor issue. By looking at the problem upon arrival, immigration is being proactive and reducing the likelihood of illegal labor practices and human trafficking,” stated Bradley.

Immigration Regulations Ch.1, Sect.204 authorizes Immigration to take certain actions.  Part of Section 4 states, “All Aliens, entering the Republic must provide proof that the Alien has sufficient support during the length of the visit and shall not become a public charge.”

“Having a visa requirement in place is one way to manage this or even just an Executive Order.  There’s an executive order banning Bangladeshi and Myanmar folks from coming to Palau.  This too can be a tool to use to control this type of human trafficking,” added Misech. [/restrict]