19 April 2023- School aged children across the Pacific are one of the most impacted groups when it comes to climate change. They also represent the future of a region that is leading the way on climate action.

The Australian Embassy is proud to join the Ministry of Education to provide a new resource to help primary school students better understand climate change.

The Pacific Climate Readers series was developed using place-based content to reflect local landscapes, as well as cultural and geographic distinctions, so that students can relate to what they are observing around them.

The five readers use storytelling to explore a range of climate-related concepts relevant to living on an atoll including food and water security, health and hygiene, conservation, and resilience.

They also encourage students to think about actions that they can take to develop climate and disaster resilience, and how this can benefit their broader community.

In addition to the readers, two handbooks – Living with Hazards and Water for Life – have been developed to supplement climate and disaster, and water focused curriculum, for high school students.

Ambassador Richelle Turner and Senior Program Manager, Ms Clarissa Adelbai were delighted to join Minister Dale Jenkins and staff from the Ministry of Education today to handover the climate readers and handbooks, which will be distributed to schools and higher education providers in Palau.

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