(PCS Newsletter July 31, 2017) – It was an average morning in early May when Chief Petty Officer Damian Clark from the Royal Australian Navy (based in Palau) found a baby Biib lying on the ground of the compound. Not exactly sure what to do, but knowing the bird would be a target for local cats and rodents, Chief Petty Officer Clark collected the bird and drove it to the office of Palau Conservation Society(PCS).


PCS has been known to take in wounded birds and nurture them back to health. Over the course of several weeks, PCS staff took turns caring and feeding the baby bird and encouraging it to practice flying each day. Yalap Yalap, outreach coordinator, served as the bird’s first surrogate parent.

Later, Francis Toribiong, PCS board member, would take on the parental role. On July 15, the Biib was strong enough and well enough to survive on its own. Baby Biib was released into the forest in Ngaremlengui in hopes that it would live a long and healthy life. It took a few days for Baby Biib to stop flying back to the Toribiong home looking for food, but that ended soon enough. Special thanks to the people who helped rescue the Biib, a bird so special to Palauan history and culture.

As a reminder, in Palau it is illegal to take, kill or harm birds or their eggs with a few exceptions (Malkureomel (Jungle fowl), Wek

(Swamp hen), and Yakotsiang (Yellow-crested cockatoo).

For more information about Palau’s birds or to learn more about supporting Palau’s protected species, call or email at 488-3993 or yyalap@palauconservation.org. [/restrict]