APIA, 31 JULY 2017 (SAMOA GOVT) — The taro export ban imposed by American Samoa is a “no-issue,” says Samoa Minister of Agriculture Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao Fosi.

Territorial officials had unilaterally imposed the ban 10-weeks ago after picking up reports on the social media claiming that a taro epidemic with similar drastic impacts as the taro plight or lega in Samoa was infiltrating local taro.


Taro samples from the alleged infected varieties sent Germany have found no such danger, says the Minister in an exclusive interview with this publication and TV1’s Tala Fou.

Laaulialemalietoa added that the test results reaffirm that the peculiar looking colours on the taro are normal and it has been around for Elaborated the Minister;

“I respect the concerns and views of our cousins in American Samoa. From their perspective, they are protecting the interest of their farmers and that is their right.

“From my office, we are going through the diplomatic channels to iron out any difference of opinions.

“Diplomacy here is the best policy and we hope to clear up this matter soon.” He reassured the country and the taro farmers that there is no need to be of concern as American Samoa’s ban is not affecting other overseas export markets in Australia, New Zealand and the United States….PACNEWS [/restrict]