July 31, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Final number of dengue cases for the month of July is in and it shows significant progress with number cases dropping by 46% compared to last month.


After nine months of steadily increasing numbers, month of July shows the first major drop in number of confirmed cases of dengue in Palau. In May of this year, the number jumped from 33 to 74. In June it reached 122.  High numbers reported in June is also attributed to consolidating reports from private clinics with national hospital.  It is also attributed to aggressive public awareness campaign that was pushing people to seek medical attention early if they suspect infection from the dengue virus.

Koror State with most congested population still report highest number of cases but cases show significant drops in each of Koror State hamlets. Across all other States, numbers have also dropped with only five out 16 States with reported cases.

The 66 number of cases are still well above the safe threshold of 10 cases per month. Vigilance and preventive measures are continued to be encouraged to ensure continued decline of this dangerous virus. [/restrict]