Image source: PVA

The Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) informs the public that the Bai located in Ordomel, Airai is called “Bai ra RengaraIrrai” not “Bai ra Irrai”.

There are more than one Bai or meeting house located in Airai State, The PVA has requested the community to refer it by its correct name, “Bai ra RengaraIrrai”.

The PVA has also expressed apologies to the Bai ra RengaraIrrai chief council and the community.

PVA further encourages the public to bring to its attention the incorrect information for remedial measures.

Since the launch of the Airai State Cultural Tour, PVA has worked closely with the Airai State Government and the Bai ra RengaraIrrai chief council for several months to develop its tour.

The Palau Visitors Authority is committed to promote the heritage unique attractions through sustainable tourism development. (PR)