Image Source: PICRC Facebook page

Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) held its annual judging for the Arts and Tides Calendar Contest on Friday last week.

This year 1,329 students from Palau’s primary and secondary schools submitted artwork.

The theme for the 2020 Arts and Tides Calendar is, ‘Our Ocean’s wealth extends from coral reefs to the deep blue and beyond’. The theme was chosen to remind everyone about the vast biodiversity found in the waters surrounding Palau.

The local artists who took part in the judging included Benson Adelbai, Elsei Tellei,  Mandy Etpison, Jan De Hartog, and Carol Whalen.

The judging was based on three main criteria: the use of color, creativity, and most importantly, the incorporation of the theme.

Most people are familiar with the benefits and riches of Palau’s marine near shore reefs, but the wealth of the oceans reaches far beyond.

From marine mammals to sharks and large pelagic fish, Palau’s waters swarm with life that needs protection.

PICRC expresses gratitude to the schools for their participation and the donors who make the production of the calendar possible every year. PIRC also extends the gratitude to the judges who had the task of selecting winners for the 2020 Arts and Tides Calendar Contest.  (PR)