Drop Off, Koror, Palau – After a COVID hiatus, the Palau Sports Fishing Association (PSFA) is excited to announce the 2023 Tuna Showdown Derby in Ngatpang. Bring your

A-Game and put your fishing skills to the test! This year’s Tuna Showdown is the first since the pandemic lockdown in 2020. The tournament will be held at Kamesang Dock, Ngatpang State on Sunday, August 13th, with categories including Ladies Bottom Fishing and Junior Anglers. A marlin pot will be added if 10 or more participants enter with the $100 registration fee.

Part of the work of the Palau Sports Fishing Association, established in 1991, includes deploying fishing aggregating devices, or FADs. PSFA deployed a 5th FAD earlier this year in April, however vandalism by a local commercial fishing operator caused this most recent deployment to break. FADs attract ocean going pelagic fish such as marlin, tuna and

mahi-mahi, and deployment costs can amount up to $17,500 per FAD. For over 10 years PSFA has been deploying offshore FADs with significant support from Taiwan. Typically consisting of buoys or floats tethered to the ocean floor with concrete blocks, FADs can attract over 300 species of fish to aggregate around them in the open ocean. Registration is open to any and all interested fishers. Registration forms can be obtained at Drop Off or at the BUL office in Malakal. Contact 488-6887 if you have any questions or

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