Some customers of the Bank of Guam -Palau Branch that applied for US Economic Impact Payments and received payments from US IRS through direct deposit to their bank accounts,  found their accounts temporarily frozen by the Bank.

A notification message sent to these account holders from Bank of Guam’s Bank Secrecy/Anti-Money Laundering Department Manager Ms. Galimba, informed them that funds in their accounts have been placed on temporary hold.  The message further states that the account holders may not be eligible to receive the funds and need to contact the bank to confirm their eligibility.

The message from the bank refers to press release issued by the Embassy of Palau in Washington D.C., advising that the Economic Impact Payments from IRS are not for citizens of Palau living in Palau with US Social Security numbers.

Minister ElbuchelSadang from Palau’s Ministry of Finance said they’ve received calls from citizens regarding the issue.  He added that Palau government will not get involved but he believed that no fraud was “involved”.  He said the issue is partly due to miscommunications between Palauans, Ministry of State and Palau Embassy in Washington, D.C.   “We announced to It to all Palauans with U.S. Social Security numbers and so everyone went into the system and applied and many received the financial assistance.”

Some Palauans that went online and applied and received payments through Bank of Guam were deemed ineligible and had accounts placed on temporary hold by the bank.  They were urged to contact the bank to have their eligibility confirmed.US IRS site provides information on how to return the funds to IRS if one receives the money but does not meet the eligibility requirements.

When contacted for clarification of Bank of Guam policy, BOG-Palau Branch referred Island Times to Guam office.  Guam Office responded that due to client confidentiality they were unable to provide more information.

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  1. Yes that could be true regarding Palauan applied and received a stimules check. If any Palauan who had a social security number including they filled there US taxes prior to Corona epidemic situation because they did work in US and filed there taxes and IRS has a copy of there taxes paper, they these Palauan people ought to be qualified to receive stimules money even though they had moved to Palau island. I don’t see any reason why they’re not qualified to receive this stimules payment because of COVI19. I think it’s possible that there’s misunderstood communication between our Palau Embassy in D.C. and IRS Department regarding stimules payment to people who works and file there income taxes prior to Covi19 circumstances.

  2. We are waiting for second stimules Mula from US Congress and sign by our President before it’s distribute to those who needs it the most to keep people from dying. If you think you missed your first apportunity to receive the first stimules payment because your information in IRS wasn’t prepared and provided right away, don’t be mad or in despair because there’s a second coming of bailing you out from your misery. Be ready to provide IRS your information regarding your bank account and where they will send your money that you deserved because you work hard in USA and pay US taxes like everyone else. So don’t worry, Be Happy. I said Don’t Worry, Be Happy!!

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