The Palau Visitors Authority is pleased to announce that there will be an International Night Market this Friday, October 14th, from 5-9pm at Ernguul Central Park.


This night market, you could be the rising star on the Open Microphone. From 5-6pm, you can sing, chant, or tell a story to the growing crowd. Also lined up  for the evening’s entertainment will be a traditional dance performance by Ngaraberas of Ngermid Hamlet and a contemporary dance performance by the Ngarabechochod Dancers. The Palau High School Senior Class will also be performing their contemporary dance. Stay tuned to the Pristine Paradise Palau Facebook page for more updates.

The usual night market vendors will be present with their delicious local and international cuisine, handicrafts, jewelry, beauty products, clothing, and other gift ideas. Both the International and Palauan Night Markets were designed to provide an opportunity for small businesses to display and sell their products to both locals and tourists. If you would like to be a vendor or performer for this night market or future events, please contact Kate Mad at 488-1930/2793. [/restrict]