Healing is not an event. It is a work thing.

ave you ever wondered what happened to the Prodigal Son after the party his father gave to welcome him home? Would it be reasonable to imagine the older brother who couldn’t bring himself to celebrate the return of his brother continued to demonize him, accusing him of NOT doing “it” according tect o the rules and regulations of their kingdom- and will do what s/he can to manipulate the system to excommunicated his brother from the kingdom.?!?

Trauma disrupts the connection to the self. And the whole point in healing is to repair the connection to self.

One of the problems we have in our inner healing journey to becoming what we were born to be is: When we go through some counseling whether formal or informal, like talking to a friend, we feel like a ton of load slid off our backs so it’s over and done with. We feel lighter. We feel strong and feeling so good we think it’s over. The truth is – it’s not over yet. Through the years painful traumas are hiding deep in your unconscious mind in layers. Maybe when you were age 6, 9,11, or 26 you experienced some traumas. Every now and then something occurs and triggers your emotions and you react and break something. Meltdowns and arguments escalate to your walking away with words said you wish you could take back. You apologize and you make up but those words remain, those accusations are there and they will come around to accuse you again. Triggers are real. As long as you deny the traumas in your unconscious mind, they remain vulnerable to triggers. When triggered you will trip and fall then go another round again.. Aren’t you tired of going through the same thing over and over again? Same argument over and over again – always suspicious, blaming and accusing and pouting like a child.

Despite what many say, becoming a Christian doesn’t make your brokenness completely disappear. In fact, a major aspect of our maturing involves allowing God to heal those broken areas in our life. Of course the scripture says that God will not delight in wickedness and evil cannot dwell with you (Psalms 5:4). Healing of memories is what the process is about. Those memories are in your soul – your intellect and emotion and they are desperate to be free so your true self can breathe normally.

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