The 13th Belau National Games preparation is getting finalized this week, with opening ceremony set for Thursday June 10th at 5pm at the Palau National Track and Field Stadium and closing ceremony on June 20th.  With many sporting events happening and new sports programs, such as 3×3 Basketball events, some sports will start early.  The 3×3 Basketball starts June 3rd at the PHS Spider Gym at 4pm.    The event of Baseball will start on Monday, June 7th and volleyball and women softball fastpitch starting on the morning of June 10th.  All States are participating in the Belau National Games, with a total of 1,600plus registered athletes and officials, competing in 15 sports.

The Belau Games Organizing Committee is reminding all athletes, coaches, officials, and games entourage to keep practicing the public health preventive measures provided by Ministry of Health daily and regularly.  Please make sure to keep hydrated by drink a lot of water, eat healthier, rest, and enjoy the games.

The objectives of the Belau National games aims in promoting goodwill and friendly competitions throughout our island Nation, provide for training development of our athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers, promoting the Olympic Spirit, providing opportunity to all Palauans and residence of Palau to participate in sports programs, promoting and access to healthy environment through sports events, continue the development of sports toward regional and international games (Micronesian Games, South Pacific Games, and the Olympic Games) and build on long-term partnerships and develop objectives for sports, physical activity towards a healthier and the good wellbeing of our people and our community.

More detailed information of the games will be announced regularly through the media, radio stations, NOC Facebook.  The championship games of team sports will be live stream trough sponsorship of PNCC.   The Belau Games organizing extend appreciation to States’ Governors and States’ representatives for their participation in the games, and President Whipps and leadership of OEK for providing financial support to the States’ Teams and organizing committee.  Congratulation to all Athletes and Officials, and thank you to all Parents, Families, Sponsors and Volunteers.  Good luck to all the teams!

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