Angaur State float featuring story of Uab won 3rd Place.

What a hot day it was at Music Festival Belau 2019 and State Parade. The event took place in Ernguul Park also known as Bethlehem Park next to the old OEK building.

The day started with live entertainment by some of Palau’s great bands and soloist. Everyone enjoyed the day listening and dancing to live music, treating themselves to the food from the many markets there and families enjoyed themselves at the playground and spending time with their family.

Many Palauan high officials were there to attend and present awards to the winning states for the best parade float. The day went on awaiting on the state parade. Many of the states participated in the parade and they displayed many beautiful, cultural filled floats. They also gave a wonderful presentation about their states. The Presentations displayed a story-telling of legends, plays of historical events and objects of symbolism.

State Parades’s winner is the state of Ngardmau who presented a wonderful play of one Ngardmau’s legends about a woman who saw a bird flying over a pond and she went over with her child to wash her hair. While she was washing her hair, her husband decided to build it into something she can use it like a shower.

The day was a fun filled event filled with family bonding and cultural learning; a day well spent enjoying musical entertainment and the knowledgeable cultural presentations by the many states that participated. (By Kerdeu Uong)