BOFI Secretary Jordan Malsol and Jay Okada receiving check from Andrea Uchel and Elsei Tellei at the Palau International Coral Reef Center with the Ministry’s Tuna Program representative, Arthur Kyota.

The newly established Belau Offshore Fishers Incorporated (BOFI) recently received start-up support of $30,000 from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Tourism for the establishment of a domestic market for tuna and other pelagic fish species. Through a formal partnership with the ministry, BOFI will take on the important task of working closely with the fishing industry, local fishers, restaurants and establishments to develop a market that ensures a consistent supply of tuna and other pelagic species at affordable prices. “To succeed, we will need to invest in a strong partnership with the private sector and working closely with BOFI, PICRC and our international partners is a step in that direction”, said Minister Umiich Sengebau. This aims to contribute to national efforts of effectively managing the Palau National Marine Sanctuary, establishing a pelagic domestic fishery and to further strengthen food security for the country.

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