Customers may be able to connect by January 2018

By: L.N. Reklai

January 26, 2017 (Ngerulmud, Palau)  The first customer may be able to connect to the world through fiber optic telecommunication cable by January 2018 according to the latest report from the Belau Submarine Cable Corporation.


Reporting to the national leadership yesterday, BSCC reported that the SEA-US consortium  that Palau partnered with to connect Palau to Guam via submarine fiber optic cable recently received its FCC approval.

The cable for Davao – Guam and Guam to Yap and Palau, will be manufactured in May and the laying of the cable will commence between June and July, according to BSCC.  Expected date of connecting the cable to Palau’s cable landing station is October of 2017.

Testing of the cable once it’s connected will take place in November to December and depending on the service providers, the first customer can be connected by January 2018.

Civil works and construction of the cable landing station in Ngeremlengui are progressing on schedule.

The cable once connected to the landing station in Ngeremlengui has to be brought to Koror in order for the telecom providers to connect to it.  BSCC is currently looking at options on how best to do this.  One such option is to connect to PNCC’s fiber optic ring around the island, to bring the service to Koror.

SEA-US (South East Asia-United States consortium) cable project connects Manado, Indonesia to Davao, Philippines and to Guam, to Hawaii and on to Los Angeles, California.  Palau and Yap will connect via spurs to the Davao-Guam section of the cable. The entire project costs over $250 million dollars.

The submarine fiber optic project is one of the major infrastructure projects this government pursued as means to spur the country’s economy and to bring quality services in health and education to the people of Palau through the use of fast internet services. Asian Development Bank approved up to $25 million loan to Palau for this project. [/restrict]