The Belau Youth Games opens today, in celebrating Olympic Day #MoveForPeace with over 160 registered athletes from ages 6 to 19years of age.  The Youth Games concept is open to everyone.  The program offers to every youth or young person to try different sports programs offered at the games.  The participants also take part of all activities of sports, values in sports, and traditional site visits.

The First day of activity on July 1st, the participants had a day activity in the national gym to learn about values of sports and NOC  where NOC and sports work by  with Respect –Omengull, Pride-Ulseked el Reng Integrity-Klebkellel  a Llemalt, Commitment-Telbilel a Reng el Kirel Ngerachel, and Unity-Kltalreng.

The participants through the Youth Games Program are engaged in an interactive setting for one week, where the NOC and National Sports Federations are hoping for learning experiences and expectations for the youth and young people  DO the BEST YOU CAN in ALL THAT YOU DO EVERYDAY!   BE A LEADER = TEAMWORK = SUCCESS. 

All participants to  gain learning and experiences, Good Sportsmanship, Winning and losing in a respectable manner is a true sign of good sportsmanship, Teamwork, Resilience, Courage, Hard Work, Goal Setting and Good attitude, Practice makes perfect, Preparation and Planning, Fair play, Perseverance. Endurance, Support each other and your team no matter what!, Most of All Have Fun and Enjoy.

The Youth Games Teams will be five (5) teams representing the colors of the Olympic ring, Team names should reflect Olympic Values.   The colors of the Teams are Red Respect, Blue Pride, Black Commitment, Yellow Unity and Green Integrity. 

The sports events offered for the Youth Games this year are Athletics, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Canoe, Judo, Swimming, Tennis, Beach Volleyball and Wrestling.  The Youth Games is ages are 19under.  Registered athletes are starting at ages 6years old to 19years old.

For more information about the Youth Games, go to Palau NOC Facebook page and/or call Kenny Reklai, Coordinator for Youth Games at 488-6565.

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